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“Save the Children Australia and Global Partnership for Education donate to Education in Tonga”

Ko Hon.Hua’avameiliku, Ms. Malmee Weerasiri, Hon, Tatafu Moeaki, Minisita Pa’anga mo e Pule ‘o e Potungaue Ako & Akongaue, Dr. Tangikina Steen.

28 March 2022

The government today signed a Financing Agreement with the Save the Children Australia (SCA) and the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) in relation to the disbursement of funds to support the Ministry of Education and Training.

The Honorable Prime Minister, Hon Hu’akavameiliku, in his capacity as the Minister of Education and Training (MET), signed the agreement with Ms. Malmee Weerasiri, Regional Operation Director to the Pacific of the SCA, and Hon. Tatafu Moeaki, the Minister of Finance at the Prime Minister’s Office here in Nuku’alofa.

The funds will be used for the SCA-MET Volcanic Eruption and COVID-19 RESPONSE PLAN and the System Capacity Grant (SCG).

Hon Hu’akavameiliku thanked the SCA for the funding and said it has come at a critical time as Tonga continues her recovery from the January 15 Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai volcanic eruptions and tsunami plus the ongoing challenge of COVID-19.

“This assistance is critical for Government and the people of Tonga, especially as it will assist us in the ongoing education of our children during the COVID-19 restrictions,” Hon. Hu’akavameiliku said.

“Our children are our future and the challenge they faced in the last three months meant that they would have missed out on normal education.

“The funds allocated will definitely go a long way in ensuring that education can still be provided to the best that we can at this challenging times.”

The funds, which will be provided to the Ministry of Finance, will be used in accordance with the SCA- MET Volcanic Eruption and COVID-19 Response Plan and SCG.

That includes assisting MET in the purchase of stationeries for affected children, purchase of personnel protective equipment (PPEs), including face masks, eye-protective goggles, and hand sanitizers for teachers and students, and support remote learning during the lockdowns. Moreover, the SCG will also assist MET with their sector analysis, development plan and sector review.


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