Settlement of Pacific Games hosting obligations

13 October 2022

  1. Due to the Government of the Kingdom of Tonga (“Kingdom of Tonga”) withdrawing from its hosting obligations of the Pacific Games in 2019. The Kingdom of Tonga, the Pacific Games Council (“PGC”) and the Tonga Sports Association National Olympic Committee (“TASANOC”), have successfully negotiated in good faith the following –

(a) a confidential settlement, including an apology, of claims brought against the Kingdom of Tonga by PGC and TASANOC; and

(b) an appropriate acknowledgement of the consequences caused by the Kingdom of Tonga to the PGC and TASANOC;

2. The Kingdom of Tonga’s decision to enter into settlement in good faith is in the best interests and future of sports, not only in Tonga, but also in the wider Pacific.

For more information, please contact the Attorney General’s Office, Tel:+(676) 740 1400