MEDIA RELEASE: Cabinet rescind its earlier decision to appoint Mr Piveni Piukala

(14 November, 2019)

“Cabinet decision to rescind its earlier decision to appoint Mr Piveni Piukala to Lead a Reform e-Government Technical Task Force for Government.”

The Cabinet has approved on 13 November 2019, to rescind and end the direction to appoint Mr Piveni Piukala to lead a Reform Technical Task Force for Planning, Budgeting and Aid at the Ministry of Finance. The reform was to include the processes of E-Government, Digitization planning across Government. The direction for appointment was made under the former Prime Minister’s Government on 30 January 2019.

It came to the present Cabinet’s attention that the proposed appointment of Mr Piveni Piukala was hand- picked and without proper due processes. In addition, there was no agreed Terms of Reference in place. Furthermore, Mr Piukala did not meet the set criteria of the World Bank, the funding agency for the project i.e. the educational and professional work achievements stipulated by the World Bank policy that the Lead Consultant should have.

The present Government regretted that this proposed appointment has to be rescinded in this way, but this World Bank project is so important for the government and the future of Tonga, and this decision has to be regularised.


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