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“Mainstreaming Gender: Revisiting Corporate Planning Process in Tonga”

31 Sanuali 2024

Nukualofa, Tonga 31st January, 2024 – In the Kingdom of Tonga, a small Pacific Island nation, there is a growing recognition of the need to address gender inequality within the national corporate planning process. With the aim of strengthening gender mainstreaming efforts, a collaboration between the National Planning Division within the Prime Minister’s Office and the Women’s Affairs and Gender Equality Division within the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Tonga and UN Women Fiji Multi-Country Office are revisiting their approach to corporate planning, acknowledging the importance of including gender perspectives in decision-making.

“By examining the current landscape and assessing ongoing initiatives, we aim to shed light on the challenges, successes, and opportunities that lie ahead. Through this forum with key stakeholders and analysis of existing strategies, we will explore the efforts being made to ensure that gender is given due consideration in the planning and implementation of corporate strategies”, stated Ms Ma’u Leha, Director of National Planning.

As Tonga endeavours to achieve gender equality, understanding how organizations are incorporating gender perspectives into their planning processes becomes crucial. By examining this issue, we can identify best practices, inform policy decisions, and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable society in Tonga.

The National Planners Forum will be from the 31st of January – 2nd February, 2024 with an anticipated participation of 150 people made up of corporate planners and finance officers from all government ministries including those from outer islands.

Stay tuned for an in-depth analysis of how Tonga is working towards mainstreaming gender in corporate planning processes and the impact this has on achieving gender equality.

Together with the custodian of the National Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality Tonga Policy and the country experts on Government planning, UN Women will be providing technical and financial assistance for the forum.


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Prime Minister’s Office – National Planning Division

Lilika Sailosi
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Ministry of Internal Affairs – Women’s Affairs and Gender Equality Division

Talita Sili
Email: tsili@mia.gov.to

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