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21 March 2024

Nuku’alofa – This year’s Development Partners Forum is most appropriate on mapping a way forward to ensure a more progressive Tonga supporting higher quality of life for all, the Honourable Prime Minister stated at the Fa’onelua Convention Centre in Nuku’alofa on Thursday 21st March, 2024.

Speaking at the opening session, Hon Hu’akavameiliku said that all represented organizations have distinct roles and responsibilities to ensure that the partnership we engaged aims towards a more progressive Tonga.

He said a strong commitment by development partners and donors is still needed to ensure there is coherence, vertically and horizontally in our approach for a genuine dialogue to guide by the Tonga Strategy Development Framework and Government Priority Agenda.

“Our target is to uplift the current effort through scaling up investment in partnership with key stakeholders and further improve economic growth and development.”

He urged all present to take action in the framework of Tonga’s national development policies in the Tonga Strategic Development Framework II and the approved nine Government Priority Areas (GPAs) urging them to ensure that they are in line with Tonga’s Development plans and priorities.

“We are investing more in Education and Health to ensure these key ministries have sufficient resources and contribute to their resilience.”

The Hon. Prime Minister calls on the Development Partners delegation for their continued financial assistance and sustained partnership as we work together with renewed momentum to achieve a resilient, inclusive, progressive and sustainable development for Tonga.

“We do not want to wait for something to happen to build back better, we must build better now. And we look forward to doing this together with you.”

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