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“PM Hu’akavameiliku receives courtesy call from Secretary General of the Commonwealth of Nations”

2 April 2024

Nuku’alofa, 30 March 2024: Prime Minister, Hon Hu’akavameiliku held a productive bilateral meeting with Rt Hon. Patricia Scotland, Secretary General of the Commonwealth Secretariat at ST George Government Building on Saturday 30 March 2024.

They discussed priority areas for cooperation and partnership climate change and oceans, outstanding debt, illicit drugs and counter terrorism, Tonga High Commission, training and other support. Both sides emphasized the readiness to enhance bilateral cooperation to strengthen the partnership between Tonga and the Commonwealth.

Hon Hu’akavameiliku acknowledged the Baroness’s first visit to Tonga as a gesture of deep commitment to strengthen the longstanding partnership between the Commonwealth Secretariat and Tonga.

“Its’ endurance is shaped by the common interest to remain vigilant, ensure sustainable development efforts are risk informed, with a focus towards resilience.”

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